Nebraska Revised Statute 32-1016

Chapter 32 Section 1016


Centralized location; damaged or defective ballots; how treated.

If any ballot is damaged or defective so that it cannot properly be counted by the vote counting device, the resolution board shall make a true duplicate copy and substitute the copy for the damaged or defective ballot. All duplicate ballots shall be clearly labeled duplicate, and all damaged or defective ballots shall be clearly labeled damaged or defective. Each pair of duplicate and damaged or defective ballots shall bear a similar serial number or some form of identification so that both the damaged or defective and duplicate ballots can be matched to facilitate recounts or any inspection of the ballots. The resolution board shall maintain the secrecy of the damaged or defective ballots as much as possible and shall cause the damaged or defective ballots to be made up in a sealed packet. The resolution board shall endorse the packet with the words Damaged or Defective Ballots and the designation of the precinct. The resolution board shall sign the endorsement label and place the sealed packet in the ballots-cast container with the voted ballots as provided in section 32-1017.


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