Nebraska Revised Statute 31-728

Chapter 31


District; summons; notice to landowners, counties, and cities affected; contents.

Immediately after the petition and articles of association shall have been filed, as provided for by subsection (4) of section 31-727, the clerk of the district court for the county where same are filed shall issue a summons, as now provided by law, returnable as any other summons in a civil action filed in said court, and directed to the several owners of real estate in the proposed district who may be alleged in such petition to be benefited thereby, but who have not signed the articles of association, which shall be served as summonses in civil cases. In case any owner or owners of real estate in the proposed district are unknown, or are nonresidents, they shall be notified in the same manner as nonresident defendants are now notified according to law in actions in the district courts of this state, setting forth in such notice (1) that the articles of association have been filed, (2) the purpose thereof, (3) that the real estate of such owner or owners situated in the district, describing the same, will be affected thereby and rendered liable to taxation and special assessment in accordance with law for the purpose of installing and maintaining such sewer or water system, or both, and maintaining the district, for constructing and maintaining a system of sidewalks, public roads, streets, and highways, public waterways, docks or wharfs, and related appurtenances, for the furnishing of water for fire protection, for contracting for gas and for electricity for street lighting for the public streets and highways within the district, for constructing or contracting for the construction of dikes and levees for flood protection for the district, for installing electric service lines and conduits, for the acquisition, improvement, and operation of public parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, for acquiring, purchasing, leasing, owning, erecting, constructing, equipping, operating, or maintaining all or a portion of offstreet motor vehicle public parking facilities located in the district to serve business, and, where permitted by section 31-727, for the contracting with other sanitary and improvement districts for acquiring, building, improving, and operating public parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities for the joint use of the residents of the contracting districts, (4) the names of the proposed trustees, and (5) that a petition has been made to have the district declared a sanitary and improvement district.

Within five days after the filing of the petition the clerk of the district court shall send notice of such petition to each county in which all or a portion of the proposed district lies and to each city in whose zoning jurisdiction all or a portion of the proposed district lies.


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  • Effective Date: August 28, 2021

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