Nebraska Revised Statute 31-1019

Chapter 31


Local government; flood plain management; duties.

When the department, a federal agency, or any other entity has provided a local government with sufficient data and maps with which to reasonably locate within its zoning jurisdiction any portion of the flood plain for the base flood of any watercourse or drainway, it shall be the responsibility of such local government to adopt, administer, and enforce flood plain management regulations which meet or exceed the minimum standards adopted by the department pursuant to subdivision (5) of section 31-1017. The authority of a local government to adopt flood plain management regulations in accordance with this section shall not be conditional upon a prior appointment of a planning commission or the adoption of a comprehensive development plan pursuant to sections 14-403, 14-404, 14-407, 15-1101, 15-1102, 19-901, 19-929, 23-114.01 to 23-114.03, or 23-174.04 to 23-174.07.



  • This section does not create a duty giving rise to civil tort liability. Stonacek v. City of Lincoln, 279 Neb. 869, 782 N.W.2d 900 (2010).