Nebraska Revised Statute 30-704

Chapter 30


Emergency hearing; temporary orders.

If the petition filed pursuant to section 30-703 states that the resident's health is in significant decline or that the resident's death may be imminent, the court shall conduct an emergency hearing on the petition as soon as practicable and in no case later than ten days after the date the petition is served upon the resident and the caregiver. Each party to a contested proceeding for an emergency order relating to visitation under this section shall offer a verified information affidavit as an exhibit at the hearing before the court. If the allegations made under this section to request an emergency hearing are not made with probable cause, the court may order appropriate remedies under section 30-705. Temporary orders may be issued in the same manner as provided for guardianships. Temporary orders shall expire ninety days after the entry of the temporary order unless good cause is shown for continuation.