Nebraska Revised Statute 30-2453

Chapter 30


Termination of appointment; voluntary.

(a) An appointment of a personal representative terminates as provided in section 30-24,117 one year after the filing of a closing statement.

(b) An order closing an estate as provided in section 30-24,115 or 30-24,116 terminates an appointment of a personal representative at the time and on the conditions provided for in the order.

(c) A personal representative may resign his position by filing a written statement of resignation with the registrar after he has given at least fifteen days' written notice to the persons known to be interested in the estate. If no one applies or petitions for appointment of a successor representative within the time indicated in the notice, the filed statement of resignation is ineffective as a termination of appointment and in any event is effective only upon the appointment and qualification of a successor representative and delivery of the assets to him.