Nebraska Revised Statute 3-228

Chapter 3 Section 228


Joint agreements; ordinances enacted concurrent with each other; effect; publication.

Each municipality, acting jointly with another, pursuant to the Revised Airports Act, is authorized and empowered to enact, concurrently with the other municipalities involved, such ordinances as are provided for by subdivision (2) of section 3-215, and to fix by such ordinances penalties for the violation thereof. Such ordinances, when so concurrently adopted, shall have the same force and effect within the municipalities and on any property jointly controlled by them or adjacent thereto, whether within or without the territorial limits of either or any of them, as ordinances of each municipality involved, and may be enforced in any one of the municipalities in like manner as are its individual ordinances. The consent of the Division of Aeronautics of the Department of Transportation to any such ordinance, where the state is a party to the joint venture, shall be equivalent to the enactment of the ordinance by a municipality. The publication provided for in subdivision (2) of section 3-215 shall be made in each municipality involved in the manner provided by law or charter for publication of its individual ordinances.