Nebraska Revised Statute 3-142

Chapter 3 Section 142


Division; airports; easements; acquire by condemnation.

Where necessary, in order to provide unobstructed air space for the landing and taking off of aircraft utilizing airports and restricted landing areas acquired or operated under the State Aeronautics Act, the division may acquire, in the same manner as is provided for the acquisition of property for airport purposes, easements through or other interests in air space over land or water, interest in airport hazards outside the boundaries of the airports or restricted landing areas, and such other airport protection privileges as are necessary to insure safe approaches to the landing areas of the airports and restricted landing areas and the safe and efficient operation thereof. The division may acquire, in the same manner, the right or easement, for a term of years or perpetually, to place or maintain suitable marks for the daytime marking and suitable lights for the nighttime marking of airport hazards, including the right of ingress and egress to or from such airport hazards for the purpose of maintaining and repairing such lights and marks. This authority shall not be so construed as to limit the right, power, or authority of the state or any municipality to zone property adjacent to any airport or restricted landing area pursuant to any law of this state.