Nebraska Revised Statute 3-118

Chapter 3


Division; reports of investigations or hearings; evidence; how used.

In order to facilitate the making of investigations by the division, in the interest of public safety and the promotion of aeronautics, the public interest requires, and it is, therefor, provided, that the reports of investigations or hearings, or any part thereof, shall not be admitted in evidence or used for any purpose in any suit, action, or proceeding, growing out of any matter referred to in the investigation, hearing, or report thereof, except in case of criminal or other proceedings instituted on behalf of the division or this state under the State Aeronautics Act and other laws of this state relating to aeronautics, nor shall any member of the commission, the director, or any officer or employee of the division be required to testify to any facts ascertained in, or information gained by reason of, his or her official capacity, or be required to testify as an expert witness in any suit, action, or proceeding involving any aircraft. Subject to the foregoing provisions, the division may, in its discretion, make available to appropriate federal and state agencies information and material developed in the course of its hearings and investigations.