Nebraska Revised Statute 29-817

Chapter 29


Search warrant; sections, how construed; property, defined; confidential issuance; violation; penalty.

Sections 29-812 to 29-821 do not modify any act inconsistent with it relating to search warrants, their issuance, and the execution of search warrants and acts relating to disposition of seized property in circumstances for which special provision is made. The term property is used in sections 29-812 to 29-821 to include documents, books, papers, and any other tangible objects. Nothing in sections 29-812 to 29-821 shall be construed as restricting or in any way affecting the constitutional right of any officer to make reasonable searches and seizures as an incident to a lawful arrest nor to restrict or in any way affect reasonable searches and seizures authorized or consented to by the person being searched or in charge of the premises being searched, or in any other manner or way authorized or permitted to be made under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Nebraska.

All search warrants shall be issued with all practicable secrecy and the complaint, affidavit, or testimony upon which it is based shall not be filed with the clerk of the court or made public in any way until the warrant is executed. Whoever discloses, prior to its execution, that a warrant has been applied for or issued, except so far as may be necessary to its execution, shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor, or he may be punished as for a criminal contempt of court.