Nebraska Revised Statute 29-3603

Chapter 29


Pretrial diversion plan for criminal offenses; requirements.

A pretrial diversion plan for criminal offenses shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Formal eligibility guidelines established following consultation with criminal justice officials and program representatives. The guidelines shall be written and made available and routinely disseminated to all interested parties;

(2) A maximum time limit for any defendant's participation in a diversion program, beyond which no defendant shall be required or permitted to participate. Such maximum term shall be long enough to effect sufficient change in participants to deter them from criminal activity, but not so long as to prejudice the prosecution or defense of the case should the participant be returned to the ordinary course of prosecution;

(3) The opportunity for eligible defendants to review, with their counsel present, a copy of general diversion program requirements including average program duration and possible outcome, prior to making the decision to enter a diversion program;

(4) Dismissal of the diverted case upon completion of the program;

(5) A provision that participants shall be able to withdraw at any time before the program is completed and be remanded to the court process without prejudice to them during the ordinary course of prosecution;

(6) Enrollment shall not be conditioned on a plea of guilty; and

(7) Defendants who are denied enrollment in a diversion program shall be afforded an administrative review of the decision and written reasons for denial.