Nebraska Revised Statute 28-829

Chapter 28


Sections; uniform application; laws and regulations of political subdivisions; void.

In order to provide for the uniform application of sections 28-807 to 28-829 within this state, it is intended that the sole and only regulation of the commercial distribution of any work, material, conduct or live performance described as obscene shall be under sections 28-807 to 28-829, and no municipality, county, or other governmental unit within this state shall make any law, ordinance or regulation relating to obscenity, or licenses or taxes respecting the obscene work, material, conduct or live performance as regulated by the state under sections 28-807 to 28-829. All such laws, ordinances, regulations, special or discriminatory taxes, or licenses, whether enacted or issued before or after sections 28-807 to 28-829, shall be void, unenforceable, and of no effect.