Nebraska Revised Statute 28-376

Chapter 28


Adult Protective Services Central Registry; established; access; name-change order; treatment.

(1) The department shall establish and maintain an Adult Protective Services Central Registry which shall contain any substantiated report regarding a person who has allegedly abused, neglected, or exploited a vulnerable adult.

(2) Upon request, a vulnerable adult who is the subject of a report or, if the vulnerable adult is legally incapacitated, the guardian or guardian ad litem of the vulnerable adult and the person who has allegedly abused, neglected, or exploited the vulnerable adult shall be entitled to receive a copy of all information contained in the registry pertaining to such report. The department shall not release data that would be harmful or detrimental to the vulnerable adult or that would identify or locate a person who, in good faith, made a report or cooperated in a subsequent investigation unless ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(3) The department shall establish classifications for all cases in the registry.

(4) The department shall determine whether a name-change order received from the clerk of a district court pursuant to section 25-21,271 is for a person on the Adult Protective Services Central Registry and, if so, shall include the changed name with the former name in the registry and file or cross-reference the information under both names.