Nebraska Revised Statute 25-507

Chapter 25


Process server; requirements; bond; cost.

(1) In any county which does not have a person contracted as a constable pursuant to section 25-2229, any person twenty-one years of age or older or a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company that satisfies the requirements of subsection (2) of this section shall have the same power as a sheriff to execute any service of process or order.

(2) Any person or entity may exercise the powers provided in subsection (1) of this section if such person or entity (a) is not a party to the action, (b) is not related to a party to the action, (c) does not have an interest in the action, (d) is not a public official employed by the county where service is made whose duties include service of process, and (e) furnishes a good and sufficient corporate surety bond in the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, such bond being conditioned upon such person or entity faithfully and truly performing the duties of process server.

(3) Evidence of the corporate surety bond shall be provided to the clerk of each court in which such person or entity executes service of process or orders. Such person or entity is not required to furnish more than one bond to execute service of process or orders in any state court in the State of Nebraska. When service of process is made by such person or entity authorized by this section, proof of such service of process shall be shown by an affidavit.

(4) The cost of service of process is taxable as a court cost, and when service of process is made by such person or entity other than a sheriff the cost taxable as a court cost is the lesser of the actual amount incurred for service of process or orders or the statutory fee set for sheriffs in section 33-117.