Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2214.01

Chapter 25


Clerk of district court; money or property received; powers and duties.

(1) Whenever any money or other property is received by the clerk of the district court, he or she shall carefully manage it and may, when the money cannot immediately be paid out to its rightful owner, deposit the money in interest-bearing accounts in insured banking or savings institutions. Any interest accrued from such deposit shall be paid over to the county treasurer to be credited to the county general fund, except that when the funds so deposited belonged to a deceased person whose personal representative has not yet been appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction, then the interest accruing on such money shall be paid to the estate of such person after the appointment of a personal representative and upon order of the court.

(2) Any property other than money which is received by the clerk of the district court shall be held by him or her in safekeeping until claimed by the rightful owner or, if there is a dispute as to the ownership of such property, until ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to give possession of the property to some person.


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