Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2204

Chapter 25


Clerks of courts; writs and orders; issuance; praecipes.

All writs and orders for provisional remedies and process of every kind, shall be issued by the clerks of the several courts. Before they shall be issued a praecipe shall be filed with the clerk, demanding the same; which praecipe shall be for the direction of the clerk, and not material to the papers in the case after the issuing of such writ or process.


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  • In compensation case, where claimant filed notice of appeal with compensation commissioner and filed petition on appeal in district court, right of review attached, it became duty of clerk to issue summons without praecipe being filed. McIntosh v. Standard Oil Co., 121 Neb. 92, 236 N.W. 152 (1931).

  • Writ of mandamus issued by judge is void. State ex rel. Hansen v. Carrico, 86 Neb. 448, 125 N.W. 1110 (1910).

  • Clerk of district court may issue writ of commitment after sentence without special directions by court or judge. Rhodes v. Meyer, 225 F.Supp. 80 (D. Neb. 1963).