Nebraska Revised Statute 25-2203

Chapter 25 Section 2203


Process; special process server; return; appointed on motion; fees.

The court or judge, for good cause, may appoint a person, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company to serve a particular process or order which person or entity shall have the same power to execute it which the sheriff has. The person or entity may be appointed on the motion of the party obtaining the process or order, and the return must be verified by affidavit. Such appointment may be made in the form of a general order of the court for the purpose of service of process or orders which may be sought by the movant. The person or entity shall be entitled to the fees allowed to the sheriff for similar services.


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  • Justice of the peace may deputize a private person to serve a summons. Mysenburg v. Leisure, 63 Neb. 239, 88 N.W. 478 (1901).

  • Constable cannot deputize person to serve process; county judge or justice may. Gilbert v. Brown, 9 Neb. 90, 2 N.W. 376 (1879).