Nebraska Revised Statute 25-211

Chapter 25 Section 211


Actions on contracts by reason of failure or want of consideration.

Actions brought for damages growing out of the failure or want of consideration of contracts, express or implied, or for the recovery of money paid upon contracts, express or implied, the consideration of which has wholly or in part failed, shall be brought within four years.


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  • R.S.1943, § 25-211.


  • Statute of limitations will commence to run against the obligation evidenced by a warrant not entitled to registration from the date of last payment upon it. Pollock v. Consolidated School District No. 65 of Perkins County, 138 Neb. 315, 293 N.W. 108 (1940).

  • Statute of limitations on implied obligation to repay money borrowed by issuance of void warrant, where payments have been made thereon, commences to run on date of last payment. Nebraska State Bank Liquidation Association v. Village of Burton, 134 Neb. 623, 279 N.W. 319 (1938).

  • Contract sued on herein is not barred when commenced within four years from time of death of the father. Macfarland v. Callahan, 102 Neb. 54, 165 N.W. 889 (1917).

  • Action to recover on an implied assumpsit is barred in four years. Markey v. School Dist. No. 18 of Sheridan County, 58 Neb. 479, 78 N.W. 932 (1899).