Nebraska Revised Statute 25-210

Chapter 25 Section 210


Actions against sureties on guardian's bond.

No action shall be maintained against the sureties in any bond given by a guardian unless it be commenced within four years from the time when the guardian shall have been discharged; Provided, if at the time of such discharge the person entitled to bring such action shall be out of the state, or under any legal disability to sue, the action may be commenced at any time within five years after the return of such person to the state, or after such disability shall be removed.


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  • The limitation herein does not begin to run until the guardian has obtained approval of his final account and been discharged by probate court. Sherwood v. Merchants Mut. Bonding Co., 193 Neb. 262, 226 N.W.2d 761 (1975).

  • As to sureties on guardian's bond, statute of limitations begins to run from date guardian was discharged and not from time when cause of action accrued upon final settlement. Medow v. Riggert, 132 Neb. 429, 272 N.W. 238 (1937).

  • Guardian is "discharged," within meaning of this section, when ward dies. Hughes v. Langdon, 111 Neb. 508, 196 N.W. 915 (1924).

  • Action on guardian's bond accrues to ward when amount is ascertained by county court on final settlement. Bisbee v. Gleason, 21 Neb. 534, 32 N.W. 578 (1887).