Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,272

Chapter 25


Change of name; town, village, or city; procedure.

(1) Whenever it may be desirable to change the name of any town, village, or city in any county of the state, a petition for that purpose may, in like manner, be filed in the district court of such county, signed by a majority of the legal voters of such town, village, or city, setting forth the cause why such change is desirable and the name desired to be substituted.

(2) Notice of the filing of the petition shall be published once a week for four consecutive weeks in a newspaper in the county, and if no newspaper is printed in the county, then in a newspaper of general circulation therein.

(3) The court, upon being satisfied by proof that the prayer of the petitioners is reasonable and just, that notice as required in this section has been given, that two-thirds of the legal voters of such town, village, or city desire the change, and that there is no other town, village, or city in the state of the name prayed for, may order the change prayed for in such petition.


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