Nebraska Revised Statute 25-21,259

Chapter 25 Section 21,259


Environmental audit; admissible as evidence; when.

(1) An environmental audit is admissible as evidence in any civil or administrative proceeding or enforcement proceedings under local ordinances if a court of record determines that:

(a)(i) The environmental audit shows evidence that the person for which the environmental audit was prepared is not or was not in compliance with an environmental requirement; and

(ii) The person did not initiate, after the audit, appropriate efforts to achieve compliance with the environmental requirement or complete in good faith any necessary permit application promptly after the noncompliance with the environmental requirement was discovered and, as a result, the person did not or will not achieve compliance with the environmental requirement or complete the necessary permit application within a reasonable amount of time; or

(b) The protection provided in section 25-21,256 is being asserted for a fraudulent purpose or the environmental audit was prepared in order to avoid disclosure of information in an investigative, administrative, or judicial proceeding that was underway, that was imminent, or for which the person had been provided written notification that an investigation into a specific violation had been initiated; or

(c) The information contained in the environmental audit shows (i) violations which would likely result in or have resulted in a significant adverse impact on the public health or the environment or (ii) water contamination.

(2) For the purposes of subdivision (1)(a) of this section, if the evidence shows noncompliance with more than one environmental requirement by a person, the person may demonstrate to the court that appropriate efforts to achieve compliance were or are being taken by instituting a comprehensive program that establishes a phased schedule of actions to be taken to bring the person into compliance with all of such environmental requirements.


  • Laws 1998, LB 395, § 5.

Cross References

  • Applicability to Residential Lead-Based Paint Professions Practice Act, see section 71-6331.01.