Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1920

Chapter 25


Appeal; injunctions; cause advanced, when.

In all actions in which a temporary injunction has been granted and entered in the district court, which order allowing the temporary injunction is or has been superseded for by law, and in which action the trial court, on the merits, determined that the temporary injunction ought not to have been granted and a permanent injunction was refused in such action, such cause shall be advanced by the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court for hearing. In all such actions, if the relief demanded involves the delivery of irrigation water and the Director of Natural Resources, as defined in section 25-1062.01, is a party, any appeal from the judgment or decree of the district court shall be perfected within thirty days after the entry of such judgment, decree, or final order by the district court, and the cause shall be advanced for hearing before the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court.