Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1629.01

Chapter 25 Section 1629.01


Juror qualification form; prospective juror; complete; return; when.

The jury commissioner shall mail to every prospective juror whose name appears on the proposed juror list a juror qualification form accompanied by instructions to fill out and return the form by mail to the jury commissioner within ten days after its receipt. The juror qualification form shall be in the form prescribed by the Supreme Court. Notarization of the juror qualification form shall not be required. If the prospective juror is unable to fill out the form, another person may do it for him or her and shall indicate that he or she has done so and the reason therefor. If it appears that there is an omission, ambiguity, or error in a returned form, the jury commissioner shall again send the form with instructions to the prospective juror to make the necessary addition, clarification, or correction and to return the form to the jury commissioner within ten days after its second receipt.