Nebraska Revised Statute 25-1629

Chapter 25 Section 1629


Proposed jury list; qualification form; investigation; revision; complaints; grand jury list; when drawn.

The jury commissioner shall immediately upon deriving the proposed juror list mail a juror qualification form to each proposed juror pursuant to section 25-1629.01 and investigate the persons whose names are found on the list. If he or she finds that any one of them is not possessed of the qualifications of petit jurors as set forth in section 25-1601 or is excluded by the terms of section 25-1601, he or she shall strike such name from the list and make a record of each name stricken, which record shall be kept in his or her office subject to inspection by the court and attorneys of record in cases triable to a jury pending before the court, under such rules as the court may prescribe. The list as thus revised shall constitute the list from which petit jurors shall be selected, until such list shall have been exhausted in the manner hereinafter set forth or until otherwise ordered by the judge or judges. Unless otherwise ordered by the judge or judges, the jury commissioner shall immediately upon completing the revision of the list, in the presence of a judge for such district, select at random the names of eighty persons possessing the qualifications for grand jurors as set out in section 25-1601. When no grand jury list is selected, the judge or judges may at any time order the selecting of a grand jury list. This list shall constitute the list from which grand jurors shall be chosen. Any judge of the district court shall upon the request of any person entitled to access to the list of names stricken, if satisfied that such request is made in good faith, direct the jury commissioner to appear before the judge at chambers and in the presence of the complaining person state his or her reasons for striking the name specified in the request.


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  • The key-number system for the selection of jurors from voter registration lists is constitutionally valid. State v. Addison, 198 Neb. 442, 253 N.W.2d 165 (1977).

  • In selection of grand jury, names can be drawn from more than one panel. State v. Abboud, 181 Neb. 84, 147 N.W.2d 152 (1966).

  • Until jury list created by drawing of key number is exhausted, no new jury list can be made. Maher v. State, 144 Neb. 463, 13 N.W.2d 641 (1944).