Nebraska Revised Statute 24-515

Chapter 24


Courtroom and office facilities; costs; standards; property transfers from municipal courts; standards.

Each county shall be responsible for all costs involved in establishing, furnishing, and maintaining appropriate courtroom and office facilities for the county court at the county seat. On July 1, 1985, the courtroom and office facilities of a municipal court shall be transferred, by sale, lease, or other arrangement, from cities of the metropolitan or primary class to the county responsible pursuant to this section for the establishing, furnishing, and maintaining of courtroom and office facilities for the county court at the county seat. Payments by a city and county on the bonded indebtedness on any facility constructed for joint use by a city and county shall continue in the same manner and in the same proportionate shares as payments made prior to July 1, 1985, subject to any sale, lease, or other arrangement pursuant to this section. All other property, equipment, books, and records of the municipal courts shall be transferred on July 1, 1985, to the county court.

The Supreme Court shall prescribe minimum standards for all courtroom and office facilities. The Supreme Court may establish standards by class of county, based on population, caseload, and other pertinent factors.


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