Nebraska Revised Statute 23-904

Chapter 23


County budget document; three parts.

The budget document, setting forth the financial plan of the county for the period covered by said budget, shall embrace three parts, the nature and contents of which shall be as hereinafter set out.

Part I shall consist of a budget message prepared by the budget-making authority, as provided for hereinafter, which shall outline the fiscal policy of the county for the period covered by said budget, describing in connection therewith the important features of the budget plan. It shall also embrace a general budget summary, setting forth the aggregate figures of the budget in such a manner as to show the balanced relations between the total proposed expenditures and operating reserves and the total anticipated income, including all fees, license taxes, taxes to be levied, and all other sources of revenue, contrasted with the corresponding figures for the last two completed fiscal years. The general budget summary shall be supported by explanatory schedules or statements classifying the expenditures contained therein by offices, departments, activities and funds and the income by offices, departments, activities and funds.

Part II shall embrace the detailed budget estimates, both of expenditures and revenue, as provided for in section 13-504. It shall also include statements of the bonded indebtedness of the county, if any, showing the debt redemption requirements, the debt authorized and unissued, the condition of the sinking funds, the borrowing capacity, and a summary, to be furnished by the county treasurer to the budget-making authority, of the uncollected taxes arising from the last three annual levies. In addition thereto it shall contain any statements relative to the financial plan which the budget-making authority may deem advisable or which may be required by the county boards.

Part III shall embrace complete drafts of the resolutions or motions required to give legal sanction to the financial plan when adopted by the county board. These resolutions or motions shall include an appropriation resolution or motion authorizing, by spending agencies and by funds, all expenditures of the local government for the period covered by said budget and such other resolutions or motions as may be required to provide the income necessary to finance the budget.


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