Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3599

Chapter 23


Hospital authority; bonds; issuance.

An authority may issue bonds for the purpose of purchasing or otherwise acquiring an existing structure or structures and related furniture and equipment, including the site or sites upon which the same are located, for use as a hospital, and to furnish, equip, alter, renovate, and remodel the same, or for constructing, furnishing, and equipping new facilities or additions or improvements to existing facilities, or for the purpose of providing for the refunding of any bonds issued under sections 23-3579 to 23-35,120.

An authority shall also have the power to issue bonds for the purpose of refinancing indebtedness incurred for the benefit of a hospital.

In lieu of acquiring an interest in a hospital, an authority may lend the proceeds from the sale of its bonds for any of the purposes set forth in this section, and such financing, which shall be pursuant to a loan agreement, may be either unsecured or secured as the board of trustees of the authority shall determine. Bonds may be issued under sections 23-3579 to 23-35,120 notwithstanding any debt or other limitation, including limitation as to interest rates, prescribed in any statute.


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