Nebraska Revised Statute 23-35,100

Chapter 23


Hospital authority; bonds; principal and interest; payment out of revenue.

The principal and interest on such bonds shall be payable exclusively from the income and revenue of the facilities purchased, constructed, altered, renovated, remodeled, furnished and equipped with the proceeds of such bonds or with such proceeds together with the proceeds of a grant from the federal government to aid in financing, furnishing or equipping thereof; Provided, that an authority may, in its discretion, also pledge to the payment of the principal and interest on any such bonds all or any part of the income and revenue derived from the operation of any or all of the other facilities then owned or operated by it; and provided further, that an authority may in its discretion, also expressly provide that any such bonds shall be general obligations of the authority payable out of any revenue, income, receipts, profits, or other money or funds of the authority derived from any source whatsoever. Such bonds may be additionally secured by a trust indenture.


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