Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3533

Chapter 23


Hospital district; election; canvass of votes; resolution; district, body corporate; presumption.

The votes cast for and against the formation of such district shall be counted and canvassed in the manner provided by law and the results shall be certified to the county board. If the county board finds that a majority of the votes cast in the area of the proposed district favor the formation of such proposed district, it shall so declare by resolution entered on its records and forward a copy of such resolution to the county board of each county containing land embraced within such proposed district, and the district shall thereupon be fully organized. The district shall be a body corporate and politic and may sue and be sued in its own name. Every such hospital district shall, in all cases, be conclusively presumed to have been legally organized six months after such resolution has been adopted by the county board unless an action attacking the validity of such organization is brought within such time.


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Cross References

  • For canvass and return of votes, see Chapter 32, article 10.