Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3111

Chapter 23


Competitive bidding; procedure.

When competitive sealed bidding is required by section 23-3108:

(1) Sealed bids shall be solicited by public notice in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the county at least once a week for two consecutive weeks before the final date of submitting bids;

(2) In addition to subdivision (1) of this section, sealed bids may also be solicited by sending requests by mail to prospective suppliers and by posting notice on a public bulletin board;

(3) The notice shall contain: (a) A general description of the proposed purchase; (b) an invitation for sealed bids; (c) the name of the county official in charge of receiving the bids; (d) the date, time, and place the bids received shall be opened; and (e) whether alternative items will be considered;

(4) All bids shall remain sealed until opened on the published date and time by the county board or its designated agent;

(5) Any or all bids may be rejected and the bid need not be awarded at the time of opening, but may be held over for further consideration;

(6) If all bids received on a pending contract are for the same unit price or total amount and appear to be so as the result of collusion between the bidders, the county board or purchasing agent shall have authority to reject all bids and to purchase the personal property or services in the open market, except that the price paid in the open market shall not exceed the bid price;

(7) Each bid, with the name of bidder, shall be entered on a record and each record, with the successful bidder indicated thereon, shall, after the award or contract, be open to public inspection; and

(8) All lettings on such bids shall be public and shall be conducted as provided in Chapter 73, article 1.


  • Laws 1985, LB 393, § 11.