Nebraska Revised Statute 23-3109

Chapter 23


Competitive bidding; when not required; waiver of bidding requirements; when.

(1) Competitive bidding shall not be required (a) when purchasing unique or noncompetitive items, (b) when purchasing petroleum products, (c) when obtaining professional services or equipment maintenance, or (d) when the price has been established by one of the following: (i) The federal General Services Administration; (ii) the materiel division of the Department of Administrative Services; or (iii) a cooperative purchasing agreement by which supplies, equipment, or services are procured in accordance with a contract established by another governmental entity or group of governmental entities if the contract was established in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the establishing governmental entity or, if a group, the lead governmental entity.

(2) The county board may, by majority vote of its members, waive the bidding requirements of the County Purchasing Act if such waiver is necessary to meet an emergency which threatens serious loss of life, health, or property in the county.

(3) The governing board may waive the bidding requirements of the County Purchasing Act if the county can save a significant amount of money by entering into a special purchase. The county board shall, five days prior to such special purchase, publish notice of its intention to make such a special purchase, stating the items considered and inviting informal quotes. A two-thirds vote of the entire county board shall approve such special purchase.