Nebraska Revised Statute 21-613

Chapter 21 Section 613


Grand organizations; operation of orphanages and other homes; acquisition of property; use and investment of funds.

Any and all fraternal, benevolent and charitable grand bodies issuing charters to subordinates in this state, which grand bodies have been or may hereafter be incorporated by the laws of this state, may instead of forming an auxiliary corporation within their respective organizations for the purpose of carrying out the objects of section 21-612, proceed to acquire in the name of such grand body all necessary funds and property by donation, gift, bequests, purchase and other legitimate means, funds and property for the establishment and maintenance of homes for widows, orphans, aged and indigent persons within this state. Such grand bodies may hold, invest, reinvest and use all such funds and property in their respective names, and provide by bylaws the number of trustees or directors who shall have the supervision of such funds, property and home together with the tenure of office of such trustees or directors, and such grand body may make such rules and regulations for the government and maintenance and control of such homes or funds as may be necessary to promote the fraternal, benevolent, and charitable objects of the same for the care and maintenance of widows, orphans, aged and indigent persons.


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