Nebraska Revised Statute 21-612

Chapter 21 Section 612


Subordinate organizations; operation of orphanages and other homes; incorporation; acquisition of property; use and investment of funds; power to borrow.

Fraternal, benevolent and charitable organizations in this state which have or may hereafter be duly incorporated by the laws of the state, are hereby authorized by and through their respective grand bodies issuing charters to their subordinates, to organize and create within their respective organizations, bodies corporate for the purpose of establishing and maintaining homes in this state for the care and maintenance of orphans, widows, aged and indigent persons, or for the care of such persons, under such rules, regulations and bylaws as such organization may provide; and to acquire and receive by donation, bequest, assessment and purchase and other legitimate means, property and funds for such purpose and to hold and invest all such property and funds thus acquired; to borrow money on its real estate and other property; to acquire, invest or reinvest its funds for the endowment of such homes, or its charges or inmates; to invest, reinvest or exchange its endowment funds upon such securities as its trustees may deem safe; to take and hold mortgages upon real estate and other securities therefor, to exchange the same, and to do all things necessary for the purposes and objects of charitable, benevolent and fraternal care of orphans, widows, aged and indigent persons who need such care. But no funds or other property thus acquired by any such fraternal, benevolent or charitable association shall ever be diverted from the objects and purposes herein stated.


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