Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1406

Chapter 21 Section 1406


Members; eligibility; suspension or withdrawal; voting; liability for corporate debts; certificate of membership.

Only persons engaged in the production of the agricultural products, including lessees and landlords receiving such products as rent except as otherwise provided herein, or cooperative associations of such producers, shall be eligible to membership therein, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in its articles of incorporation or bylaws consistent herewith. Only members of an association shall have the right to vote, and no member shall be entitled to more than one vote upon any question or matter affecting the association or relating to its affairs. Articles of incorporation hereunder may provide that no voting by proxy shall be permitted and such articles or bylaws adopted thereunder may further provide that a written vote received by mail from any absent member, and signed by him or her, may be read and counted at any regular or special meeting of the association, provided that the secretary shall notify all members in writing of the exact motion or resolution upon which such vote is to be taken, and a copy of same shall be forwarded with and attached to the vote so mailed by the member, and elections may be carried out in a similar manner. No member of an association shall be liable for its debts or obligations beyond the unpaid amount, if any, due by him or her on his or her membership dues. Every association formed hereunder shall issue a certificate of membership to each member which, unless otherwise provided in its articles of incorporation or bylaws, shall be nontransferable. Following the ascertainment through procedure set forth in its bylaws that a member has ceased to be eligible to membership in an association, his or her rights therein may be suspended. In the event of the death, withdrawal or expulsion of a member, the board of directors shall within a reasonable time thereafter equitably and conclusively ascertain the value of such member's membership, if any, which shall be paid him or her or his or her legal representatives by the association within a reasonable time after such ascertainment.


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