Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1405

Chapter 21 Section 1405



Each association incorporated hereunder shall have the following powers: (1) To enter into contracts with its members for periods not over five years, requiring them to sell or market all or a specified part of their livestock or other products to or through the association, or to buy all, or a specified part, of their farm supplies from or through the association; (2) to act as agent or representative of any member or members or of nonmembers in carrying out the objects of the association; (3) to set aside each year to a surplus fund a portion of the savings of the company which surplus may be used for conducting the business of the corporation; and (4) to adopt articles and bylaws for the management of the association which shall also set the number or percentage of members required to be present in order to constitute a quorum at each members' meeting, which number or percentage shall not be less than ten percent of the members, but not more than fifty members, nor less than five members, except when the total membership is ten or less.


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