Nebraska Revised Statute 21-1335

Chapter 21 Section 1335


Cooperative farm land company; corporate powers.

Every cooperative corporation that shall organize under sections 21-1333 to 21-1339 shall have power (1) to have succession by its corporate name, (2) to sue and be sued, (3) to make and use a common seal and alter the same at its pleasure, (4) to regulate and limit the right of stockholders to transfer their stock, (5) to appoint such subordinate officers and agents as the business of the corporation shall require and to allow them suitable compensation, (6) to adopt bylaws for the management and regulation of the affairs of the company, (7) to purchase, hold, sell, assign, or transfer the shares of the capital stock of other cooperative companies which it may own, and while owner of such stock to exercise all the rights, powers, and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon, (8) to provide that each individual stockholder may be limited to one vote per person regardless of the number of shares of stock which he or she may own, (9) to prohibit proxy voting and to permit voting by mail under such regulations as shall be provided for in the bylaws, (10) to engage in any activity in connection with the purchase, lease or acquisition of agricultural and grazing lands and to improve or develop such land and to mortgage, or otherwise encumber the same, (11) to contract with its members and with other cooperative organizations organized hereunder for the sale, purchase or lease of such lands with such provisions for periodical payments, reserves, reamortization, supervision of the use of the lands, crop programming, and other factors as shall be agreed upon by such contracting parties, (12) to make contracts with the United States or the State of Nebraska, or any agency thereof, for the purpose of effectuating any plan for rural rehabilitation or with any nonprofit corporation organized for such purpose, (13) to provide that continued membership in such cooperative farm land company shall be dependent upon the performance by members of contracts entered into between themselves and said cooperative farm land company, (14) to purchase, own, sell, lease, mortgage, or otherwise acquire and convey real or personal property or any interest therein, (15) to borrow money necessary or convenient to the accomplishment of the purposes of this corporation and to secure the payment thereof by mortgage, pledge or conveyance in trust, of the whole or any part of the property of the corporation, and (16) to do each and everything necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of any one of the purposes or the attainment of any one or more of the objects herein enumerated and to contract accordingly, and in addition to exercise and possess all powers, rights, and privileges granted by the laws of this state to ordinary corporations and to corporations organized under sections 21-1301 to 21-1306 and 21-1401 to 21-1414, and any amendments thereto.