Nebraska Revised Statute 2-5106

Chapter 2


Buffer Strip Incentive Fund; created; use; investment.

The Buffer Strip Incentive Fund is created. Proceeds raised from fees imposed for the registration of pesticides and earmarked for the fund pursuant to section 2-2634, proceeds raised from federal grants earmarked for the fund, and any proceeds raised from public or private donations made to the fund shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the fund. The fund shall be administered by the department to maintain the buffer strip program and for expenses directly related to the program, including necessary expenses of the department in carrying out its duties and responsibilities under the Buffer Strip Act, except that transfers may be made from the fund to the General Fund at the direction of the Legislature. The annual cost of administering the buffer strip program shall not exceed ten percent of the total annual proceeds credited to the Buffer Strip Incentive Fund. Such administrative costs shall include funds allocated by the department to the districts for their administrative costs. Any money in the fund available for investment shall be invested by the state investment officer pursuant to the Nebraska Capital Expansion Act and the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Capital Expansion Act, see section 72-1269.
  • Nebraska State Funds Investment Act, see section 72-1260.