Nebraska Revised Statute 2-5006

Chapter 2


Board; duties.

The board shall:

(1) Advise the commission, the department, and the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources on current and future regulations and issues which may enhance the development of the aquaculture industry;

(2) Conduct public meetings for the purpose of addressing current issues affecting aquaculture, as well as obtaining feedback from the commercial aquaculturists;

(3) Join in consultation with the commission and department on all matters pertaining to commercial aquaculturists and aquaculture, including the importation of nonindigenous species into Nebraska for commercial use; and

(4) Review any orders of the commission for the quarantine or destruction of aquatic organisms which are affected with prohibited pathogens. The board may make recommendations to the commission regarding such orders.


  • Laws 1994, LB 1165, § 4.