Nebraska Revised Statute 2-4246

Chapter 2


Sections, how construed.

Nothing in sections 2-4201 to 2-4246 is or shall be construed as a restriction or limitation upon any power which the corporation might otherwise have under any other law of this state, and sections 2-4201 to 2-4246 is cumulative to such powers. Sections 2-4201 to 2-4246 do and shall be construed to provide a complete, additional, and alternative method for the doing of the things authorized and shall be regarded as supplemental and additional to powers conferred by any other laws. Issuance of bonds under the provisions of sections 2-4201 to 2-4246 need not comply with the requirements of any other state laws applicable to the issuance of bonds, notes, and other obligations. No proceedings, notice, or approval shall be required for the issuance of any bonds or any instrument or the security thereof, except as provided in sections 2-4201 to 2-4246. All conservation practices for which funds are advanced, loaned, or otherwise provided by the corporation under sections 2-4201 to 2-4246 must be in compliance with any land-use, zoning, and other laws of this state applicable to the land upon which such conservation practices are to be constructed or implemented.


  • Laws 1981, LB 385, § 46.