Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3957

Chapter 2


Board; powers and duties.

The board shall:

(1) Arrange or contract for administrative and audit services which are necessary for the proper operation of the Dairy Industry Development Act;

(2) Procure and evaluate data and information necessary for the appropriate distribution of funds collected;

(3) Direct the distribution of funds collected;

(4) Prepare and approve a yearly budget;

(5) Adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the act;

(6) Establish a means by which all producers are informed annually on board members, policy, expenditures, and programs for the preceding year;

(7) Authorize the expenditure of funds to conduct activities provided for by the act;

(8) Bond such persons as necessary to ensure adequate protection of funds;

(9) Make refunds to other qualified programs in other states and disburse as directed by producers pursuant to subdivision (8)(e) of section 2-3949;

(10) Require that all books and records which clearly reflect all the transactions of its funded qualified programs be made available for audit by the board;

(11) Initiate appropriate enforcement of the act and the rules, regulations, and orders promulgated under the act;

(12) Accept remittances or credits and apply for and accept advances, grants, contributions, and any other forms of assistance from the federal government, the state, or any public or private source for administering the act and execute contracts or agreements in connection therewith;

(13) When necessary, appoint committees and advisory committees, the membership of which reflects the different funding regions of the United States and of the State of Nebraska in which milk is produced and delegate to such committees the authority reasonably necessary to administer the act under the direction of the board and within the policies determined by the board; and

(14) Exercise all incidental powers useful or necessary to carry out the act.


  • Laws 1992, LB 275, § 10.