Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3292

Chapter 2


District; recreation area; designation of camping and other areas; violation; penalty.

(1) A district may designate camping areas in a recreation area, permit camping in a camping area, and prescribe such conditions as are reasonable and proper governing public use of a camping area, including, but not limited to, access to the camping area, area capacity, sanitation, opening and closing hours, public safety, fires, establishment and collection of fees where appropriate, protection of property, and zoning of activities. A district may also designate picnicking, hiking, backpacking, and other noncamping areas. The conditions for use of all such designated areas shall be posted on appropriate signs at the recreation area.

(2) Any person who camps, picnics, hikes, backpacks, or engages in any other unauthorized activity in a recreation area on land not designated as a camping, picnicking, hiking, backpacking, or similar area by the district or fails to observe the posted conditions governing use of such area shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.


  • Laws 1984, LB 861, § 4.