Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3291

Chapter 2


District; recreation area; emergency permission and revocation; procedure.

The rules and regulations adopted and promulgated by a district to permit, prohibit, or otherwise govern activities in a recreation area as provided in sections 2-3292 to 2-32,100 may set out the circumstances under which the manager of the district may give permission for an activity in emergency situations or may, by the posting of appropriate signs, temporarily revoke permission for an activity or temporarily or permanently close a recreation area when revocation or closing is in the interest of public health, safety, or welfare or is for the protection or preservation of property. If the manager is unable, because of absence, to give or revoke permission as authorized in this section, or the manager's position is vacant, such authority shall vest in the chairperson of the board. If for the same reasons, the chairperson of the board is unable to give or revoke permission as authorized in this section, such authority shall vest in a district representative designated by a majority vote of the board, and such action shall be recorded in the board minutes.


  • Laws 1984, LB 861, § 3.