Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3254.07

Chapter 2


Improvement project; issuance of warrants or bonds; conditions.

The following conditions shall apply when the board issues warrants or improvement project area bonds to fund the special benefit portion of a project:

(1) Neither the members of the board nor any person executing the warrants or bonds shall be liable personally thereon by reason of their issuance;

(2) The warrants or bonds shall be a debt of the district only and shall state this on their face;

(3) Warrants and bonds of the district are declared to be issued for an essential public and governmental purpose and to be public instruments, and together with interest and income thereon, shall be exempt from all taxes;

(4) Bonds shall be authorized by a majority vote of the board which shall determine the manner and place of their execution. The bonds may be issued in one or more series and shall bear such a date, be payable upon demand or mature at such a time, bear interest at such a rate, be in such a denomination, be in such form, be payable at such a place, and be subject to redemption prior to maturity upon such a term and with such notice, as the board may direct; and

(5) Bonds and warrants issued pursuant to sections 2-3252 and 2-3254.01 to 2-3254.07 may be sold in any manner and for such price as the board of directors may determine.


  • Laws 1981, LB 388, § 8.