Nebraska Revised Statute 2-2639

Chapter 2 Section 2639


Noncommercial applicator license; application; denial, when; resident agent for service of process.

(1) A noncommercial applicator shall meet all certification requirements of the Pesticide Act and shall be a noncommercial applicator license holder of a license issued for the categories and subcategories in which the pesticide use is to be made.

(2) Application for an original or renewal noncommercial applicator license shall be made to the department on forms prescribed by the department. If the applicant is an individual, the application shall include the applicant's date of birth. The department shall not charge a noncommercial applicant a license fee.

(3) The director shall not issue an original noncommercial applicator license before the applicant has passed an examination under sections 2-2637 and 2-2640.

(4) A person to whom a noncommercial applicator license is issued shall be a licensed certified applicator authorized to use restricted-use pesticides in the categories and subcategories in which the individual is licensed.

(5) As a condition to issuance of a noncommercial applicator license, an applicant located outside this state shall file with the department a written designation of a resident agent for service of process in actions taken in the administration and enforcement of the Pesticide Act. In lieu of designating a resident agent the applicant may designate the Secretary of State as the recipient of service of process for the applicant in this state.