Nebraska Revised Statute 2-2637

Chapter 2


Commercial and noncommercial licenses; classification; testing; Cooperative Extension Service; conduct training sessions.

(1) The department may classify commercial and noncommercial licenses under categories according to the subject, method, or place of pesticide application and establish separate testing requirements for certification and licensing in each category. All written examinations for certification shall be the property of the department. Any person taking such an examination shall return the examination to the director's authorized agent prior to leaving the examination site.

(2) The Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Nebraska (Nebraska Extension), through its county extension educators and specialists in the State of Nebraska, shall conduct training sessions on the use of restricted-use pesticides for private, commercial, and noncommercial applicators which meet the requirements for private applicator certification training established in 40 C.F.R. 171.105, and provide all trainees with thorough comprehension and knowledge on the safe use of restricted-use pesticides and general-use pesticides used by applicators required to be certified pursuant to sections 2-2636 to 2-2642. The Nebraska Extension shall schedule regular and frequent training sessions and shall issue recommendations to the director of satisfactory training for private, commercial, and noncommercial applicators completing the training.

(3) All candidates for certification or recertification shall present valid government-issued identification at training sessions and certification or recertification examinations.