Nebraska Revised Statute 2-2629

Chapter 2 Section 2629


Registration; application; contents; department; powers; confidentiality; agent for service of process.

(1) The application for registration of a pesticide shall include:

(a) The name and address of the applicant and the name and address of the person whose name shall appear on the pesticide label, if not the applicant's;

(b) The name of the pesticide;

(c) Two complete copies of all labeling to accompany the pesticide and a statement of all claims to be made for it, including the directions for use;

(d) The use classification, whether for restricted or general use, as provided by the federal act;

(e) The use classification proposed by the applicant if the pesticide is not required by federal law to be registered under a use classification;

(f) A designation of a resident agent for service of process in actions taken in the administration and enforcement of the Pesticide Act. In lieu of designating a resident agent, the applicant may designate in writing the Secretary of State as the recipient of service of process for the applicant in this state; and

(g) Other information required by the department for determining the eligibility for registration.

(2) Application information may be provided in electronic format acceptable to the department.

(3) The department may require the applicant to submit the complete formula for a pesticide, including active and inert ingredients, as a prerequisite to registration.

(4) The department may require additional information including a full description of the tests conducted and the results of the tests on which claims are based, either before or after approving the registration of a pesticide. The department may request that additional tests or field monitoring be conducted in Nebraska ecosystems, or reasonably similar ecosystems, in order to determine the validity of assumptions used to register pesticides under the federal act.

(5) Information collected under subsection (3) or (4) of this section shall not be public records. The department shall not reveal such information to other than representatives of the department, the Attorney General or other legal representative of the department when relevant in any judicial proceeding, or any other officials of another Nebraska agency, the federal government, or other states who are similarly prohibited from revealing this information.