Nebraska Revised Statute 2-256

Chapter 2


Board of directors; officers; members.

(1) The board of directors shall annually elect from its membership a chairperson and such other officers as may be necessary. The term of office for members of the board shall be for three years, except that the term of the members of the board first taking office shall be for one, two, or three years as determined by lot.

(2) The bylaws adopted by a county agricultural society shall state whether the board of directors of the county agricultural society will nominate candidates for membership on the board from districts or from the county at large. The members of the board shall be elected by the registered voters of the entire county whether the candidates are nominated from districts or from the county at large. If nominating districts are used, the board of directors shall divide the county into districts of substantially equal population. Such districts shall be consecutively numbered. The boundaries and numbering of such districts shall be designated at least three months prior to the annual meeting.

(3) If the county agricultural society replaces an existing county fair board as provided in section 2-237.01, the county fair board shall remain in existence until the county agricultural society has its first annual meeting. After the first annual meeting of the county agricultural society, any existing county fair board shall cease to exist.