Nebraska Revised Statute 19-609

Chapter 19


City manager plan; abandonment; petition; election.

Any city which has operated under the city manager plan of government for at least four years may abandon such organization and either accept the provisions of the general law applicable to such city or adopt any other optional plan or organization open to such city. The petition for abandonment shall designate the plan desired, and the following proposition shall be submitted: Shall the city of (............) abandon the city manager plan of government and adopt the (name of plan) as provided in (giving the legal designation of the law as published)? If a majority of the votes cast thereon be in favor of such proposition, the officers elected at the next regular municipal election shall be those prescribed by the laws designated in the petition, and upon the qualification of such officers the city shall become organized under such law. Such change shall not affect the property right or ability of any nature of such city, but shall extend merely to its form of government.


Cross References

  • Petition for abandonment of city manager plan of government, see section 19-662.