Nebraska Revised Statute 19-606

Chapter 19 Section 606


City manager plan; adoption or abandonment; election.

The proposition to adopt or to abandon the plan of government provided in sections 19-601 to 19-648, shall not be submitted to the electors of any city later than sixty days before a regular municipal election. If, in any city, a sufficient petition is filed requiring that the question of adopting the commission plan of city government, or the question of choosing a convention to frame a charter, be submitted to the electors thereof, or if an ordinance providing for the election of such a charter convention is passed by the city council, the proposition to adopt the plan of government provided in sections 19-601 to 19-648 shall not be submitted in that city so long as the question of adopting such plan of government, or of choosing such convention, or adopting a charter framed by it, is pending.


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Cross References

  • Petition for abandonment of city manager plan of government, see section 19-662.