Nebraska Revised Statute 19-4641

Chapter 19


Condemnation; relinquishment authorized.

If a utility proposes to (1) construct a gas system in a city for the first time, (2) within an eighteen-month period, reconstruct or renovate a portion of a gas system in a city or expand the gas system in a city over an area equivalent to twenty percent or more of the area of the city being served by the utility, or (3) within an eighteen-month period, construct new facilities, improvements, or upgrades to an existing gas system to enhance service to customers or increase efficiency if the costs of making such improvements equal or exceed twenty percent of the estimated net depreciated cost of the gas system in the city prior to the addition of such improvements, the city may enter into a binding and enforceable contract as provided in sections 19-4642 to 19-4645 with the utility to relinquish its right to condemn the gas system for an expressed period of time or for a period of time determinable by formula set out in the contract.