Nebraska Revised Statute 19-4629

Chapter 19


Resolution of intent; contents.

(1) A resolution of intent pursuant to section 19-4628 shall describe the property subject to the proposed condemnation, including the types of property and facilities to be subject to the condemnation and the extent and amount of property to be appropriated. The resolution of intent shall set forth one or more of the following:

(a) A description of the acts and omissions of the utility regarding natural gas safety which the city believes have created or may create a material threat to the health and safety of the public in the city and a description of the nature of the threat;

(b) A description of the acts and omissions of the utility regarding the terms, conditions, and quality of natural gas service to natural gas ratepayers in the city which the city believes fail to meet generally accepted standards of customer service within the natural gas industry;

(c) A comparison of the rates for natural gas charged by the utility to ratepayers in the city and of the rates charged to similarly situated ratepayers in comparably sized cities in Nebraska and neighboring states which are served by the same or different utilities, which comparison the city believes shows that the rates charged in the city are excessive; or

(d) A description of recent or contemporaneous events or disclosures regarding the utility, including, but not limited to, changes in ownership, corporate structure, financial stability, or debt rating or any other factor which the city believes indicates financial instability in the utility which may materially impair its ability to maintain appropriate levels of safety and consumer service in the city.

(2) If the resolution of intent contains provisions as set out in subdivision (1)(a) or (b) of this section, the resolution shall describe the efforts by the city to inform the utility of the utility's acts or omissions regarding safety or service and shall describe the opportunities afforded the utility to remedy the stated defects.

(3) The resolution of intent shall not contain any provision regarding nor make any references to any expected or anticipated revenue to be derived by the city in consequence of the city's condemnation or operation of the gas system.